Supreme Mad Emperor System
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Type Manhua

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Alternative Titles 至尊狂帝系统

Synopsis Supreme Mad Emperor System

杨羽是个倒霉蛋,喝水都能塞牙的类型。万念俱灰下,他决定自杀,却屡次自杀未遂,最后他指天大骂,被一道雷给劈死了。 谁知杨羽竟重生成为大夏国太子,身怀系统一路神挡杀神,佛挡杀佛,振兴大夏,君临天下。改编自作客文学网同名小说《至尊狂帝系统》

Yang Yu is a loser on earth. He can bear his hunger by only drinking water. His parents were killed in a car accident and he lost a lot of money. As a result, he went to a university but was scammed by his girlfriend. In despair, he decided to commit suicide but that..did not succeed. At last, he blasts his rage upon the sky and was killed by a thunder strike. Now, you might think this poor man is too pitiful? but like all Chinese Reborn stories, that Yang Yu was born again to be the prince of the great Xia state. He has a whole system to support his new life, with this at his side, nothing can stop him, Buddha or God. Nothing get’s in his way, even death itself!

Released 2020
Author 漫巢文化&作客文学网 
Artist 漫巢文化&作客文学网 
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