Isekai Mofumofu Cafe
Isekai Mofumofu Cafe
Status Ongoing
Type Manga

Isekai Mofumofu Cafe Raw

Alternative Titles 異世界もふもふカフェ, Other World Fluffy Cafe, 異世界もふもふカフェ

Synopsis Isekai Mofumofu Cafe

もふもふ達と、のんびり異世界スローライフ! 至高の癒しをお届けします♪
テイム能力とチートスキルを得て異世界に転移! 規格外のスキルで目指すのはーー

Taichi Arima is overworked at his day job. One day, going home late due to working overtime, he saves a fluffy white cat from being run over. He gains a special “Tame” ability and is transported to another world. With such a strange ability, what will he do… Why, open a Fluffy Cafe, of course!

Released 2021
Author Puni-chan
Artist TAKAOKA Yuu
Serialization B's-LOG Comic (Enterbrain)
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Updated On
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