Gokudou Parasites
Status Ongoing
Type Manga

Gokudou Parasites Raw

Alternative Titles Gokudo Parasites, Parasitos Gokudo, 極道パラサイツ

Synopsis Gokudou Parasites

Mai Shintani, who works at the Kitakabane Police Station was suddenly assigned in the “Organized Crime Countermeasures Division”, commonly known as the “Sotai”. Immediately after that, she gained influence within her jurisdiction. The leader of expanding yakuza faction “Tatsygamigumi” Shogo Mikuro mysteriously disappeared. There’s a tension in the conflict between cases of opposing Yakuza groups. And for some reason, Shintani is looking composed at the northern police station. Behind it is an absurd shocking truth?!

Released 2018
Serialization Young GanGan (Square Enix)
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