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The Admiral’s Monster Wife
Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa

The Admiral’s Monster Wife Raw

Alternative Titles 제독의 괴물아내, 제독의 괴물아내

Synopsis The Admiral’s Monster Wife

비늘이 돋아 괴물이라 불리던 루디아 플랑.
인간 이하의 취급을 받으며 살던 그녀는 황제의 명으로 강제 결혼을 당한다.
그녀의 정혼자는 거칠고 사나운 열대의 뱃사람.
흉흉한 소문의 칠리아 제독이다.

그런데 처음 만난 그는 예상치 못하게 그녀를 다정하게 대하는데……?

“남편이 아내 손 좀 잡았을 뿐인데 비명을 지를 것까지야.”

루디아는 제독의 격한 사랑 속에서 비밀스러운 칠리아에 대해 조금씩 알아가게 된다.

용과 크라켄, 바다뱀, 님프, 인어
아름다운 바다에서 펼쳐지는 선결혼 후 운명적 사랑!
서화예 작가가 선보이는 지금껏 본 적 없는 이색적인 해양 로맨스 판타지.


“남편의 정력에 도움이 되는 식물이라면 내가 알고 있는데.”

그때, 알렉산더가 허리를 숙이더니 그녀의 귓가에 대고 속삭였다.

“혹시 어젯밤이 마음에 들지 않았다면, 그걸 찾아서 먹어보겠소.”
“……아, 아니에요!”

누구에게도 말 하지 못할 만큼 비밀스러웠던 일들이 떠오르며 루디아는 그대로 홍당무가 되었다.

Lydia Planang is called a monster because of her scales. She was treated like a minor and forced to marry by the order of the emperor. Her fiancé is a wild and fierce sailor. He is the admiral of Chillia, who is rumored to be very sadistic. But when he first met her, he was incredibly nice to her…?

“My husband just grabbed his wife’s hand and he was already screaming.”

Lydia learns little by little about Chillia’s secret in the admiral’s intense love. Dragons, giant octopuses, sea snakes, fairies and mermaids… A destined love after marriage on the splendid ocean!

“I know a plant that can help my husband increase his stamina.”

Alexander leaned over and whispered in her ear, “If you weren’t satisfied last night, I’ll try to find it.”

“…Oh no!” Last night! Lydia literally blushed as she recalled her secrets that she couldn’t tell anyone.

Released 2022
Author Seo Hwaye [Add, ]Shinyoo [Add, ]
Artist STUDIO107 (Ultra Media) [Add, ]
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