Starvation And Reincarnation
Status Ongoing
Type Manga

Starvation And Reincarnation Raw

Alternative Titles Gashi Tensei - Dorei Shounen wa Mamono o Kuratte Kakusei su!, Starvation and Reincarnation, 餓死転生 ~奴隷少年は魔物を喰らって覚醒す! ~

Synopsis Starvation And Reincarnation

原作『世知辛異世界転生記』待望のコミカライズ!死にかけ奴隷の主人公が、異世界でサバイバル! ?貧困からの空腹…魔物の肉で飢えを凌げ!!新感覚魔物バトルファンタジー! 待望のコミックス!!【あらすじ】とある青年が、少年レウルスとして転生したのは、勇者として魔王を倒す……ではなく、奴隷として働かされ、ただ死を待つだけの絶望的な世界だった。15歳になったレウルスは、鉱山に連行される途中、キマイラによる襲撃に遭い、その混乱に乗じて逃亡に成功する。しかし、極度の空腹から餓死寸前のところを、心優しい食堂の少女コロナによって食事を恵まれ助けられる。何とか、生き伸びたレウルスは冒険者となり、ようやく人々の優しさに触れられ、生きる場所を手に入れていくが、それもつかの間――キマイラの影が再び忍び寄っていた……。命を助けてくれた仲間への恩義に報いるため、レウルスはかつての敵に立ち上がる!

A certain young man was reincarnated as a young boy Leirus, as he is destined to defeat the demon king as the hero…. or not. Rather, he is put to work as a slave, waiting for death to take him from this world. Leirus who turned 15 was attacked by a chimera while being transported to a mine, and managed to escape through the confusion. However, without food, he was on the verge of starving to death, when he is suddenly brought back to life by a kind hearted girl Corona, the daughter of a dining hall. Leirus who manages to scrape by becomes an adventurer and finally experiences the kindness of people. However, the place he finds doesn’t last for long-
The chimera’s shadow once again looms over him. In order to repay everyone who has helped him, Leirus has to stand up against his old foe!

Released 2019
Author IKEZAKI Kazuya [Add, ]
Artist ASAHI Ryuu
Serialization Comic Corona (To Books)
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