Red Guard
Status Ongoing
Type Manga

Red Guard Raw

Alternative Titles Red Card, レッドカード

Synopsis Red Guard

川口南高校1年の佐藤由紀虎=ユキコはヘタレな自分を変えるべくサッカー部に入部した。エースストライカー高梁や、美人教師の美彩ちゃんとの出会い、はじめての試合、挫折と成功‥。大好きなサッカーと向き合う中で、ユキコはある“才能”を開花させはじめた! バカで熱いカワナンサッカー部の奇跡がはじまる!

Yukiko Sato, a 1st year student at Kawaguchi Minami High School, joined the soccer club to change herself. Ace striker Takahashi met with beautiful teacher Misa-chan, first match, frustration and success. Faced with his favorite football, Yukiko has begun to develop a certain “talent”! The miracle of the stupid and hot Kawanan football club begins!

Released 2019
Author ICHIKAWA Masa
Serialization Young Magazine (Kodansha)
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