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Patience, My Lady!
Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa

Patience, My Lady! Raw

Alternative Titles 아, 쫌 참으세요 영주님!, Ah, Hang on a Little Longer, My Lord, Oh, Be Patient My Lady!, Oh, Come On!, Patience, My Lady, Терпение, моя леди!, お待ちください、領主様!, 请忍忍,我的领主大人!, 领主大人请冷静!, 아, 쫌 참으세요 영주님!

Synopsis Patience, My Lady!

작고 가난한 영지 ‘화이트’의 영주, 로즈.

영주민들과 오순도순 잘 먹고 잘살고 싶었는데, 갑자기 이종족 이주민이 늘고 자꾸 사건에 휘말린다?! 막강 능력 영주님 ‘로즈’와 그녀를 영지에 몰래몰래 숨겨 놓고 보호하고픈 스승, ‘대마법사 이그드라실’의 유쾌 발랄 로맨스 판타지!

Rose is the landlord of the dominion of ‘White’, a small and poor land. She was getting along with her citizens and living a quaint, favorable life until foreign migrants kept increasing and she got involved in some odd situations?!

The lively, entertaining, romance, fantasy story of a super OP landlord Rose and Yggdrasil, the grand sorcerer who wants to hide her away and protect her!

Released 2021
Author Daybook
Artist Ebisushi
Serialization Naver Webtoon (Naver)
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Chapter Patience, My Lady!