Koukyu no Zatsuyouki
Status Ongoing
Type Manga

Koukyu no Zatsuyouki Raw

Alternative Titles Koukyuu No Zatsuyou Hime, Kouykyuu no Zatsuyouki, 後宮の雑用姫, 後宮の雑用姫 ~山育ちの知恵を駆使して宮廷をリフォームしたり、邪悪なものを狩ったりしていたら、何故か皇帝達から一目置かれるようになりました~

Synopsis Koukyu no Zatsuyouki

後宮の宮女としてスカウトされた山育ちの少女・小恋は、宮廷生活の初日にとある理由から何と第一妃を平手で張り倒してしまう! そのせいで宮女から下女まで降格されるが、山育ちで培った知恵と能力を使って後宮の問題を解決していく。やがてその活躍は皇帝の耳にも届くようになり……。

Shaoran (Xiaolian) is an orphaned girl who lives alone in the mountains at the very nook of an impoverished village. One day, an envoy from the palace arrives and scouts her to to be a lady-in-waiting for the imperial harem. This was how a wild girl raised on the mountains was able to live in a luxurious palace working as a lady-in-waiting, however…

On her first day (due to various reasons), Shaoran had suddenly become a criminal after slapping one of the consorts.

Though execution appeared certain, she was specially pardoned and demoted from a lady-in-waiting to a maidservant in charge of odd jobs. She is ridiculed by the other consorts as the, “Princess of Odd Jobs,” however, this is where her rapid advance begins. She implements reforms to the worn-down palace and optimizes her chores through the knowledge she learned from her life of living in poverty, earning the gaze of the other ladies-in-waiting and the imperial consorts alike. Continuing these course of events, Shaoran’s name spreads through the imperial palace, reaching even the emperor’s ears…

Released 2021
Author KK
Artist Momoiro Peko
Serialization Comic Gardo (Overlap)
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