Immortal Cultivation Do-Over
Status Ongoing
Type Manhua

Immortal Cultivation Do-Over Raw

Alternative Titles 逆转仙途

Synopsis Immortal Cultivation Do-Over

红月之日,仙门遭遇灭门之祸。当吴远再次睁眼却发现自己回到十年前,为避免上一世的碌碌无为,历经磨练,成为仙界新生代的标杆。正当得意时,他被陷害而死。再次睁眼时,他又一次回到十年前。 这回,吴远因宝物保留了修为。随着实力叠加,究竟能否突破十年轮回,太虚大陆的仙灭之祸究竟事出何因,神秘组织究竟为何方神圣?

Taixu Continent advocates cultivating immortals. Due to lack of talent, Wu Yuan is often ridiculed and bullied by his colleagues. On the day of the red moon, Wu Yuan suffered from the destruction of the immortal gate. When he opened his eyes again, he found that he was back ten years ago, and he had the memories of the past. In order to avoid the mediocrity of the previous life, Wu Yuan went through various trials and became the benchmark of the new generation in the fairy world. Just as Wu Yuan was proud, he was framed to death by the respectable fairy gate. When Wu Yuan opened his eyes again, he once again returned to ten years ago. This time, Wu Yuan retained his previous cultivation base because of the treasure. As Wu Yuan’s strength stacks up, can he break through ten years of reincarnation? What is the cause of the immortal destruction of the Taixu Continent? Why is the mysterious organization sacred?

Released 2019
Author 豆豆龙动漫 
Artist 豆豆龙动漫 
Serialization N/A
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