Henjin no Salad Bowl
Status Ongoing
Type Manga

Henjin no Salad Bowl Raw

Alternative Titles 変人のサラダボウル@comic, Salad Bowl of Eccentrics, 変人のサラダボウル

Synopsis Henjin no Salad Bowl

貧乏探偵、鏑矢惣助が尾行中に出逢ったのは、魔術を操る異世界の皇女サラだった。 なし崩し的にサラとの同居生活を始める惣助だが、サラはあっという間に現代日本に馴染んでいく。 一方、サラに続いて転移してきた女騎士リヴィアは、ホームレスに身をやつしながらも意外と楽しい日々を送る。 前向きにたくましく生きる二人の異世界人の姿は、惣助のほか、鬼畜弁護士、別れさせ工作員、宗教家といったこの地に生きる変わり者達にも影響を与えていき――。 ガガガ文庫の人気作を完全コミカライズ! 天下無双の群像喜劇、堂々登場!

Kaburaya Sosuke, an impoverished detective, met Sarah, a princess from another world with magical powers.

Sarah began living with Sosuke, and she quickly adjusted to life in modern Japan.
Meanwhile, Livia, a female knight who came from the same world as Sarah, found herself lost and homeless, but surprisingly enjoyed her days here.

These two people, who live a positive life despite their situation, began to have an impact on Sosuke and the other oddballs in the neighborhood, including a devilish lawyer, a divorce agent, and a cult leader.

Released 2022
Author HIRASAKA Yomi
Artist YAMADA Koutarou
Serialization Sunday Web Every (Shogakukan)
Posted On
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