Cultivation Return on Campus
Status Ongoing
Type Manhua

Cultivation Return on Campus Raw

Alternative Titles 修仙归来在校园, My Teacher Is a Rebirthed Immortal

Synopsis Cultivation Return on Campus

他是仙界最强狠人大帝,同级仙尊打的完全没脾气,降服金龙当坐骑,白虎成猫咪,朱雀肯德基,睡过九天玄女,在凌霄宝殿跳脱衣舞…… 现在回归都市成为一名普通人民教师和你们扯淡,那妹子你衣服穿好,我是来教你们做人的!

He used to be the most ruthless emperor in the immortal world, knocking down all his fellow immortals. He had tamed and ridden a Golden Dragon, turned a White Tiger into a cat, and made a phoenix into fried chicken. He had slept with the goddess of the Nine Heavens and stripped in the Heavenly Palace… Now he has returned to the urban life and become an ordinary teacher for chitchat. Girls, get your clothes on, I’m here to teach you some manners!

Released 2019
Author Island Project
Artist Island Project
Serialization N/A
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Chapter Cultivation Return on Campus